Upgraded hub and need some assistance


I recently purchased the v2 hub and thought I’d be able to just swap it out with the v1 hub. I gave my father in law the v1 hub and now I can not figure out a way to exclude the zwave devices; the v1 hub is 1500 miles away and has been reset. :frowning:

Read many forums posts and seems the v1 hub is needed.

Any help or guidance is appreciated.


For zwave devices - go into the mobile app - click on the hamburger menu (bot right) press the gear top right - scroll to your hub - click it - scroll to zwave utilities - then use the general device exclusion

you will have to do a physical action on the zwave device - generally press a button - if you have the instructions for the device - look there - otherwise the ST support site has instructions for most devices.

@greg thank you for the quick response. I no longer have the original hub. Can I perform this function without the original hub?

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Yeah, the general device exclusion is for any device in exclusion mode, whether it’s attached or not.

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Worked like a charm. Thank you all for the assistance!