Help with tasker and texting from tablet with only WiFi?

I have my smarttiles tablet. Amazon Fire 7, running CM 12.1. I want to send a SMS Via Tasker. I have tried several different apps and methods. I can get them to send an SMS from the specific app. I can not get Tasker to send it through the app.
I suspect I need to set a default SMS app on the tablet. I could not figure that out.
The whole Tasker task works on my phone. So I know it’s the tablet or a setting in the tablet.
Any suggestions?
Or am I looking at getting something with cell service to make it work?

UPDATE: if you use the MMS option vice SMS you will not get the attachment removed additional text on the end of your message. At least on Verizon service since that’s what I have.

Tablets can’t send SMS (unless you are doing some other hacks/apps), only cellular phones/modems can natively send SMS. Instead, try sending an email from tablet to SMS. I google’d and found this list of email address you can search for your cellular carrier:

I have used the for years. If you leave subject empty it comes through on phone SMS app nicely. The address adds more undesired info into the text if I remember correctly.

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Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

I kinda knew I couldn’t text from the tablet like I wanted. Just didn’t want to accept defeat.
I took your advice, then purchased a tasker plugin for blind email from Tasker.

It works pretty good. Except it adds text at the end of the SMS saying attachments were removed. I am going to try the MMS option for Verizon see if that does better.

I now have the tablet set up to send reminders out to my daughter for start of work and college classes. Tasker polls the Google calendar and sends messages based on results and sets text and next calendar scan time.

Now to set up a Bluetooth speaker to blare at her to get out of bed! :smile:

If I have any issues, or as a second options I still might by the LG 7 tablet with the freedom pop cell service.

I know what you did is way more fun, but Google calendar will email notify you natively. Why go through all the trouble (except for the fun bit :slight_smile: ) ?

Yes It will. I didn’t put the Email to SMS thing together till this afternoon. Thanks to @kevin for that. I had forgotten all about that.
I was after the SMS option, not the Email. Target for the SMS (Daughter) ALWAYS has her phone by her side / glued to her. Google used to do SMS from calendar but they quit.

Originally I had Tasker and Sharp Tools push a momentary button in Smartthings. Then used this to have smartthings send a SMS to her (via CoRe). I wanted to get smartthings out of it and just have Tasker do all the work. Yes I could have just put the Tasker programming on my phone and had it run in the background with all my other Tasker things. I wanted to get it on the tablet we are currently using for smarttiles.

So yeah I kinda took the LOOONG way around to just have it on the tablet. I did learn a few things along the way. Had more fun. Another puzzle / desire completed. Well almost completed, for it to match my initial vision I would still need to get a tablet with Cell ability. Or cave in and put it on my phone or have Google email it to phone provider. What would be the FUN in that.

Sometimes I get stuck on the vision and miss the paved roads vice sticking to the mountain roads to get to my original destination!!

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And you paved a road for others and shared. Kudos.

I made an assumption without checking… Tasker can email by default but requires user input to send the message. Is this the Tasker Plugin you purchased to send email without interaction:

No. I purchased this one.

I haven’t messed with it since last night. I am using it on Verizon. Through the email to sms portal. When I send it this route. Somewhere along the path it adds the text “attachment removed” I’m assuming Verizon is doing this. I have not tried the mms portal. I’m assuming this would correct the attachment added text.
Yeah when I used regular email it prompts for user interaction.

Hope that helps. Anything else just ask. Happy to help.

you can SMS and MMS from a tablet with a free google voice account and using hangouts.