Fire 7 & 8 inch tablets on sale

Fire 7" tablet $10.00 off and the 8" is $20.00 off at Amazon.

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Curious, and I’ll search more, but do many use these at ST control panels?

Yup. I was using ActionTiles on an iPad2 and the speed was frustrating. I grabbed an 8" for my control panel and it has changed my whole view of ActionTiles. Response time is great and works flawless (yes I know, newer hardware).

Combine ActionTiles with Fully and Dakboard for a full dashboard with screensaver. Add in tasker and you can have it load up your ring cameras (or other apps) when motion detected automatically.

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What are using Tasker not automateit?

Good question. As of the latest version of the ring app AutomateIt stopped working properly. So it would load the ring app but not show the live feed.

With tasker you can emulate touching the notification banner so it loads directly to the live feed.

They were talking about this in the ActionTiles forum and posted this as a way to get it working.

Can’t you pull the app from apk mirror?

Can you share the tasker task? I’d like to see it.

Yup. If you want to pull an older version of the ring app its possible. And you can use automateit and it works for now. But who knows going forward if it stops working or their may be features you like.

Instead tasker solves the issue. The tasker task is pretty basic. You set a profile to watch for the notification and then execute a task. The task I have setup uses the AutoNotifications addon with the Intercept Action ID set to %antouchaction, then wait 50 seconds and then launch the fully kiosk browser.

I really don’t know how to explain how it all works together. I didn’t even bother to dig into it more once I got it working. Howerver this is the link that helped me get it working.

Also this is the actiontiles thread where they discuss this