Text messages not being sent

Hi - I’ve set up some alerts using ‘Notify Me When’ and whilst I can get the push notifications via the app (when a door sensor triggers), I can’t get the text message option to function. I’ve put in my mobile number using the uk prefix (+44) but not joy - any suggestions?

ST stopped sending SMS to all countries except the US in September…

you can use a 3rd party service as a work-around. more info can be found in the following thread…

Again - many thanks

I see your in the U.K.

You can use click send.

Be aware though that each piston has its own email address. So what I’ve done is create a piston that handles all email sending. I then execute_piston passing in the delivery address and message I want to send.

If you’re not aware click send is a service that lets you send an email to a specific address that then gets translated into an sms and is sent on for you.

Costs about 2p per message.

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