Getting Data to Tasker in Android?

I’m looking at modifying a SmartApp to send data to tasker which than then be displayed on my Pebble. I’m using Glance as my watch face, so sending the data to Pebble is very easy there. Glance has some built in fields that you can populate with an intent.

But what’s the best way to send the text data to Tasker? I’ve heard of using pushbullet and then the tasker plugin for pushbullet to scrap notification data and import it that way, but I’m wondering if there’s an easier, more direct way. Basically I’m just looking to send one letter to tasker to represent the current state of systems.

Any ideas?

There are several alternatives to Pushbullet (Pushover, AutoRemote f.e.), if you like your data to be “pushed” to Tasker. They work the same way.

The only other way that I’m aware of is polling. It is not my preferred way since it affects battery life if polled too frequently.

Without a plugin, notifications are about the only way. You might look at the third party offerings in Profile/Events/3rd Party to see if any of those might do it for you (but some may require root).

SmartThings really needs a Tasker plugin, but I am not hopeful it will happen.

Thanks for your help guys.

Okay, I was massively over thinking things here.

I’m using the SmartAlarm program, which already sends me a text message when it arms or disarms the system. I just used the built in tasker ability to look at Text Messages. When one comes in from the SmartThings number with the appropriate text, it changes the value of the appropriate variable and then resends the intent to Glance and updates my watch.

I’m a glutton for packing as much info into my watch face as I possible can:

Top layer is:
Current Weather conditions, current temp.
Gmail (home) unread
Phone missed calls
Texts unread
Exchange Email (work) unread
Phone battery and current BT status (connected or disconnected)

Next is obviously time, with seconds.

Next layer is current audio state (Normal, Vibrate, Silent, Loud), Date, current SmartAlarm State (Away, Silent, Disarmed)

Next is date/time of next calendar event + subject of next calendar event.