Read text from Webcore on Android

I have Webcore set to send me sms messages for certain conditions. For example “front door deadbolt has been unlocked”, main garage door has been left open for thirty minutes", etc. When I get a text, I have a mp3 that says" Smart things notification".

I would like to take improve it to have Android read the text from Webcore. I don’t want android reading all text messages, just the ones from Webcore.

Anyone have any ideas?



If you’re using Tasker to read the messages, you should be able to have it look for a trigger word that would only make it read text messages that contain your trigger, anything else it should ignore.

Edit: Just to give you an idea, I have an old Android phone in my car that serves as my poor man’s lojack (if you’re my age, you will know what that is lol). I text the Android phone a keyword and it replies back with its GPS location and battery level.


I’ll give tasker a try. Thanks

I installed tasker. Have any tutorial websites to get started?

Were you able to figure it out?

not yet. I see how to select text from a specific sender but not how to read text.

Thanks for your help

Got it all figured out. Does exactly what I wanted!

Thanks again.

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