Help with Gate Open/Close sensor

I have a zwave gate open/closed sensor which is flaky on reporting its status. I have a zwave switch plugged in right next to it which should be a repeater and done several repairs but I suspect it’s too many hops to use. There must be something blocking the signal as well to the next hop since it’s reporting is spotty. Is there a stronger gate sensor? I have a ecobee Motion sensor about two feet away that works great. Wood gate btw.

Thanks. Done so many zwave repairs its crazy. Shows fine but then when you look at the device it constantly keeps moving to unhealthy or not responding at all. Not sure why since the eco motion is closer to the electrical panel and has more obstructions.

Pretty positive this one uses zwave so will give those a try. Got a zigbee switch via Amazon prime so will see if that’s better as well.