Help with door sensor

I hope someone can help me out here. I purchased 3 DWZWAVE2-ECO ecolink door sensors, and they all 3 worked great about 30 days ago when I got them. Now the one on my front door stopped working, I would open the door and close it etc, but it would not register any changes. So then I unpaired it and redid the whole thing, and it shows back up again, however, now its always stuck on open. I have tried resetting everything, repairing the mesh, etc etc. Anyone have ideas or thoughts on what I can do?

Not sure it will help, but the following is a good place to start:

Interesting timing on this discussion because I just commented on something similar. If you want my honest opinion I’d stop using the Ecolinks and start using Iris contact sensors (unless you need the internal connectors).

I had tons of the Ecolinks, and they’d get “stuck” at times. This happened enough times with me that I wrote my own device handler to force a close or open state, but when I started using SHM more and more, the false alarms drove me nuts.

I’ve replaced ALL but 3 of my Ecolink’s with the Iris sensor, and couldn’t be happier (when the platform doesn’t screw things up…). Again, just my honest opinion.

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