Ecolink Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor Incorrectly Reporting Open State

I recently purchased 5 of Ecolink Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor (DWZWAVE2-ECO) - all of them were relatively quick/easy to pair with my SmartThings v2 hub.

The issue I’m having (as the title suggests) is that one of the sensors reports “open” quite often (multiple times per day), after the door has been opened and closed. The issue will remedy itself if I go to the door, open and close it again, but this is obviously not ideal.

Is it possible there’s an issue with this sensor? I have another sensor on a door that is located a little further away than this one, and it reports open/close state accurately every time so I don’t believe it is related to distance from the hub/mesh network.

Any thoughts/suggestions here would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

i am having this issue with smartthings open and door sensor. i am also having issues with motion senor. motion sensor are not detecting motions. support is worst.

How are these mounted?
Keep in mind they have a “sweet spot” as far as distance from the magnet to the sensor. There is a max distance they can be apart, so if they are not on the same level (uneven maybe because of molding around the doorframe) this can cause issues

what about the gap between the sensor & magnet?

i use everspring contacts and the gap cannot be greater than 3mm apart.

I haven’t measured the distance between the sensor and magnet - the manual says the maximum is 5/8", which is about how far apart mine are if I had to guess… but as I said 4 out of 5 sensors work flawlessly - it’s just this one that is giving me troubles…

I will measure and confirm shortly.

Were these all in place when you paired them? Or did you pair them, then put them in place?

I ask because a Zwave repair may help if it was the latter.

on the contacts i use, there are marking that are used to align the sensor to the magnet…not sure if this will help your situation.

I paired them near the hub, and then placed them. Is it easy to run a Zwave repair?


Open the app and go to the menu in the top right corner. Click on My Locations
Click on the Settings gear icon.
Scroll down and click on your hub in the list of Hubs
Click on Z-Wave Utilities
Click Repair Z-Wave Network
Wait for it to finish

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@diehllane Thank you! So far this appears to be working - I’ll reply back later tomorrow after there’s more activity at the house.

Thanks so much for your help and advice, everyone!

@diehllane - after a lot of open/closes on the door in question, I’ve yet to re-experience this issue. Thanks for the easy fix to my annoying problem!

I just got my sensors, I did this and it still won’t work. I want this sensor to turn on a light when it’s open and leave it on for 30 min also if open longer than 10 min shut my AC off… But it’s always saying open, even after the network is fixed

Take a look through this FAQ

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Thanks, I actually got it to work by just playing with it for a while, connecting and disconnecting it a bunch of times. Both my sensors have 61% battery though and they came from Amazon like that

I too am having a problem with an Ecolink open/close contact sensor. I actually first bought a Schlage branded open/close sensor “with Nexia”, but the comments on made clear that folks were using it just fine with SmartThings, and as far as I can tell it’s identical to the Ecolink branded sensor, even to having both brown and white plastic cases, the cases open/close/connect to the electronics exactly the same, same battery … visually identical. Of course I can’t know if the firmware is the same and I didn’t carefully compare the chips with a magnifying glass, but it seems likely that the same factory is building these.

This paired right away, but showed up as always “closed” regardless of what I did with the magnet. I tried everything I could think of, repaired several times, multiple z-wave repairs, battery reports 100% full.
Repairing it, sometimes (and in fact, most often), it shows up as always “open” instead. When I put the magnet close or pull it away, the light blinks, so I know that it’s responding to that.

The one thing that’s a little “off” perhaps is that I already have some GoControl branded contact sensors installed, along with the replacement RBoys device handler for that. When I installed this unit, it showed up as a GoControl sensor, using the RBoys handler.

So I went into the IDE and sequentially tried every other handler I could think of, to no avail. I tried pairing via the “Add a Thing” link at the bottom of “Things” on the “My Home” screen, and I also tried it explicitly listing it as an Ecolink device under the Marketplace. All to no avail.

Finally I returned to Amazon, and decided to try an actual Ecolink branded unit, thinking perhaps I just had a bad unit.
Got that, with exactly the same results. Hmm, except I think this one never shows up as always “closed” when I pair it, always “open”. Or at least in the fewer tries I’ve made with this unit.

But it now seems clearly that it wasn’t the particular unit, but some combination of things that I’m missing. It seems unlikely that it’s a battery issue given that I tried two different units, and again, I ran z-wave repair a number of times, and have several other contact sensors successfully installed, both zigbee and z-wave.

I guess I can just return this and try some other contact sensor; I want z-wave and not zigbee for this one, as I plan to put it in my mailbox and want the better range (based at least on my current mesh).

But this seems like something that could bite others. Before I give up, any other ideas to try? Thanks in advance!

I am having the same problem with DWZWAVE2-ECO on windows, I have a security routine that sets off an alarm if any opened in middle of the night, been woken up about 5 times, each time the sensor is reporting open when nothing has moved. I am guessing defect, even after changing batteries, problem still happens from time to time, I have been replacing the ones that this happens consistently on, but this is a huge pain!