Help with Fibaro double switch 2 and 2G light switch

Hi Guys,

I am looking at making a few switches automated, I have under cabinet lights for top and bottom in the kitchen and was trying to wire up a Fibaro Switch 2 and use the 2g switch for manual override.

The existing 2g switch.

The Fibaro switch 2

This is what I assumed.

Com into L,
L1 to Q1
L2 to Q2
S1 to Switch L1
S2 to Switch L2

I have not Neutral for N in the Fibaro.

Any Idea’s ?

I’m afraid you need a neutral for this type of Fibaro switch
Is there any way you can run a neutral to the Fibaro switch.

there are neutrals in the back box taped up :-

Ah ok sorry.
I thought you meant there was no neutral.
Should work ok then.
Personally I would wire it up gradually.
First just get it powered up pair it up and make sure you can control it when it is in its final position with the 3g switch in place.
The reason I say that is you have a metal recess box and this may block the signal.
If all ok connect up and see what happens.

Well its wired in and working sort off, q1 switched no problem but q2 does not. if I connect both top and bottom sets of lights into q1 they all come on but it sometimes trips the mcb,

Anyone have any ideas q2 does not work ?

It may need to be enabled. If memory serves me they come with only switch input active.