Fibaro dimmer2 installation uk

Hello guys , I have fibaro do dimmer 2 I like to install but I’m just a bit confused. Can any body help me with that ?

I like to install switch at my 3channel light plug, I like to control only one Chanel (middle one)

Picture below

How to connect dimmer2 with that switch?
Any ideas?

Is the back box deep enough to get it in anyway?
Do you know much about electrical wiring. It looks like your common is looped through the switch and the neutral is connected in the block (but it might not be the case) If you are not sure it would be safest to call in an electrician because there are several ways it could have been wired

yeah just no sure , just wounder if anybody have install that dimmer2 at home?


Did you get it working? As I have just done the same thing with a Fibaro Dimmer 2 and a triple switch.

Mine was also the middle switch, those 3 wires that daisy-chain together at the top look to be live so take the middle wires out and connect to the Fibaro L, the bottom middle wire that goes to the light should come out of the switch and go into the Load (wavy line & arrow) terminal, finally you will need a little extra wire as the the middle switch terminals (that you just disconnected) should go into S1 and the other empty switch terminal one into Sx, this is also where a link wire needs to go into N from Sx.
So in essence the Fibaro N is connected into Sx which in turn goes into one of the empty terminals on the center switch, then S1 goes into the other empty center terminal on the wall switch.

yes i have installed my device, now I have problem with proper work , yours working ok>?

Not really, I can turn it on and off via the ST app and dim it, but from my toggle switch its really hit and miss, off is more of a turn the lamp to dim on i have to toggle the switch a bunch of times.

Not very happy with it, saying that as long as I dont use the wall switch it is working ok with a motion sensor and ST.

Hows yours?

My not working lights are sleek turn on , physical switch don’t make any difference only at dimmer is small led with is on or off. Can’t on/off/dimm with app only quick flesh and back to mine lighting wit is 10% of power. Ideas?

what kind of bulbs you use?