Fibaro dimmer 1

Hi can someone help me out please, a few years ago I installed fibaro dimmer 2 modules to my living room, now I’m doing my bedroom and I’m a little rusty as I’ve not messed with things for a while.
So I ordered a new dimmer module for my bedroom unfortunately I didn’t realise till it came I ordered a dimmer 1 this time no issue though I dont think, though now I’ve installed it I’m having 3 issues

Issue 1
I’m using a 2 way and off retractive switch same as I have in my living room but I’m not able to get s2 to work I’ve changed the parameters in smartthings to function of 3 way switch parameter 1 and switch type to parameter to 0 but still operating as a 1 way retractive switch.

Issue 2
After a few times of using the light my physical switch stops working though it still works over z-wave then after using z-wave it works again on the physical switch. Odd

Issue 3
I have a 30w LED load but 1 LED lamp is remaining on dim once there turned off I know a load below 25w requires a bypass but does it look as though I will need one here? If so does the bypass 2 work with a dimmer 1?

Also just to note I am using a neutral and module is behind my switch and I’m in the UK

Cheers in advance

I have a dimmer 2 and Im sure it needs a bypass under 250w not 25w.

I have 8 x LED spots (not sure what w they are but equiv to the old 50w halogen) on mine and before i fitted the bypass some would stay on when they should have been off.

The bypass for the Dimmer 2 says use on 2 only - I read they use different tech which makes the bypasses incompatible.

If you have a Neutral wire, I don’t think you need the bypass.
" This Fibaro Bypass 2 complements the Fibaro dimmer 2 helping to eliminate glowing and blinking of LEDs and CFLs after the light has been turned off. If you don’t have a neutral wire to your wall switches these dimmer bypass is usually required to stablise the circuit."

My dimmer 2’s work fine with no bypass and a neutral connected but this dimmer 1 is just driving me crazy doesnt help it’s in the bedroom so my nights ain’t totally night at the moment if you get me. All 3 issues are odd, dimmer 1 should work with lower wattage than dimmer 2 also

Fixed guys thanks

Having the same issue!
How did you fix it?

Did you end up resolving the issue? I sorted mine eventually.
Were you having all the issues I were?

Nope. Bought a home centre lite. Hopefully I can get it to work now.