Help with D-Link 5029L Setup

(Aaron) #1

After much waiting I finally have my v2 Hub and want to set up this camera. I have it connected to the app and I can see videos if I hit the play button under things. So far so good.
I am in a rural area and must use a cellular modem so I want to limit data. Instead of video I would like to have the camera take still photos. The photoburst smart app looks perfect but it won’t recognize my camera. Under take a burst of photos and Which? there is nothing listed when I click the red plus mark.

How can I get SmartThings to perform this action and How can I get ST to recognize the motion sensor in the camera. It doesn’t show up as an option anywhere.


(Aaron) #2

Another day of working on it, with no solution. I guess its send it back time :frowning:

(Andy Rawson) #3

It is kind of confusing but the SmartThings Dlink devicetype doesn’t have the “Image Capture” capability as far as I know it only has “Video Camera” and “Video Capture” which are for live video in the app and video clip recording. To use the photoburst you would need a devicetype with “Image Capture”. You can try the Generic Camera Device with it and see if it works how you want.

I think that they will be adding more capabilities to the supported cameras in a while but who knows at this point.

(Aaron) #4

Thanks for the response, This may be above my ability to figure out. I was hoping it would be more turnkey with V2 hub.

(Travis Muszynski) #5

I’m having this exact issue.

Is there a way to copy the ST device type and add image capture?

(Travis Muszynski) #6

Any updates? I’m going to send a ticket to ST support.