Video support - on demand and battery powered device support


I’m so excited to read about the new V2 hub’s compatibility with video support. I saw that there are several D-Link models compatible as well as a Samsung model. I also read that the video won’t be continuous but rather when an “event” is triggered (I’m assuming for privacy concern reasons).

However, I need two things from the video system I’ve been waiting for SmartThings to support to setup. I need the ability to monitor a camera, when I want - one demand, so to speak. Think applications like baby or vulnerable adult monitor, where one wants to check in on someone remotely to be sure that they are OK.

Secondly, I live in an apartment and need the ability to put a completely wireless battery powered camera outside out door (this is already approved by landlord). They wouldn’t care if it was powered but we have no power access there. With options like Arlo or Homeboy (I’m sure there are probably others) that offer this function, I am hoping that SmartThings is compatible with them. The specific reason I’ve been waiting for ST V2 is because I don’t want an entire Arlo (or Homeboy) system (as you can’t tilt/pan etc, and I want reliable powered cameras where I can use them. Howerver, I still need the compatibility with a battery powered camera for my door - and ST is the only viable solution I can think of that will allow me to get those to work together. Does anyone know if any wireless/battery powered video camera is compatible with V2?

Thanks so much. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!