Long LED strip run and controller decision


I’m looking for advice on a long LED strip lighting run of ~75 feet. I am using it for lighting the ceiling behind crown molding in a rec room. I am currently looking at the more cost effective RGBW strips on Amazon. I’m a newbie so looking for the best way to cover the distance with one controller if possible.

I’m also still deciding between the FLS-PP or Fibaro controllers. I am interested in changing color and special effects like police . Thanks in advance.

(Benji) #2

With that length of strip you’ll need to break it up into multiple controllers, the Dresden is all out of ideas at 6A so you’ll need to use even more controllers, the Fibaro can do up to 12A which theoretically means longer runs but you’re still going to want to break up those runs into 16ft (5m) runs that are paralleled to the controller, probably with a maximum combined length of 32ft / 10m total per controller depending on how many LEDs per meter the strip has (most of these calculations are based on 60leds/m).

If you don’t have a Philips Hue Bridge then you’re unlikely to get any special functions like rotating colours/police effects whereas the Fibaro I think can with some of the community made DTHs (Device Type Handlers). If you do have the Hue Bridge then you might be able to do that with some 3rd party Hue smart phone apps.

I have the Dresden, I don’t have the Fibaro but next time I’ll be buying the Fibaro:

  1. Because I’m partial to Z-Wave (and not ZigBee)
  2. My Dresden has the ‘freeze’ bug where it will stop responding randomly and I’m not entirely convinced that’s fixed in later firmware revisions as is claimed by Dresden since another user got one more recently that should have definitely gotten the new firmware and still had it freeze.
  3. I like the higher current handling of the Fibaro

Point 3 alone is what sells it to me.