Help with an unpaired device?

I’ve got a Jasco/GE switch in my detached garage that I could not get unpaired yesterday while taking down my V1 hub. I tried for over an hour and simply gave up.

Now I’ve got V2 hub up and running with 25+ devices but I’ve still got that switch hanging in limbo. I turned off power to the switch overnight hoping that may due to the trick but when I tried to discover the switch today - nothing.

Any ideas?

This is a Zwave device, correct? If so, you can use the General Device Exclusion capability (Open the app, go to the menu in the top right, click on My Locations, click on the Hub Settings gear icon, click on your specific Hub halfway down that page, go to ZWave Utilities and you’ll find it)

One thing to keep in mind is that when taking down items to move to a new hub, you should work from furthest away to closest so that you don’t cause large coverage signal gaps in the mesh network.

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Thanks Brian.

Yeah, it’s a Zwave switch and the only device I was unable to successfully unpair due to distance from hub. It’s literally a detached structure.

I used the method you suggested to successfully unpair the rest of my Zwave devices.

The device in question has not been unpaired from V1 so I’m assuming it won’t pair to V2. I also assume that trying to unpair now will be unsuccessful because V2 hub has never been paired to the switch. I’m kind of stuck somewhere in between…

I was hoping that cutting power to the device for 24 hours would reset to factory but that doesn’t seem to have worked.

The general device exclusion will allow you to remove devices on another hub (think what would happen if your hub just broke and you couldn’t unpair items to replace the hub).

Which model switch is it? Is it a decora paddle or a toggle on/off?

Here is the ST Support Article on this:

ON/OFF (Amazon Link)

OK, I will continue to try and unpair. Thanks for suggestion!


Clearly a range issue. I’m gonna have to move hub out to garage and try again I think.

Went the long route and unwired the switch - moved it inside - and replaced with an Aeon micro I had in my office. Once everything was hard-wired, it took 60 seconds to unpair/pair both.