Help with an (easy) SmartApp

(Eduardo Veras) #1

Hello guys!

Im going to be in an event about the future of the smart home/ home automation, and will be using smart things for some demonstrations :smile: so I need ideas of something easy and simple that I could show to the people and wake them do it, I was thinking about something like integrating with the twitter api and sending a tweet when a door open “or something like that” it has to be short because I will be (falsely) “coding it live” , and if someone in smarrthings reads this and wants to send some free stickers, I’ll be happy to hand them out, there will be like 500-600 people there :wink:

(April Wong) #2


When is your event? Which event? i’ll send some stuff your way.

(Eduardo Veras) #3

The event will be on late November , early December, this is the website (it hasn’t been updated yet for this year)
, and THANK YOU :smile: doesn’t matter if the event is outside u.s?

(April Wong) #4

yea np :slight_smile:
I actually don’t have your address on hand, so if you can shoot it over to me sometime, I’ll send it out .

Cheers! Thanks for representing!

(Eduardo Veras) #5

I will DM you in a few minutes with the address, thanks again :smiley: and i still have to look for a cool but simple Smartapp to show

(Jody) #6

Who is your audience? That would help decide the SmartApp that would deliver the most visual appeal. How long will your presentation last? Any other details could help as well.

(Eduardo Veras) #7

The audience is 90% developers, the presentation will last 1 to 1:30 hours , if you have any app to suggest that be very appreciated :smile: I will be talking about how important is an open platform, so an integration with another service outside Smarrthings would be great, I was thinking something like opening a door when a hashtag in tweeter is detected lol or anything I can get the crowd to test themselves, anything works :smile:

(sidjohn1) #8

The twitter idea would work, but have to go through IFTTT to work and that will introduce some lag. Voice control, with sharptools, tasker, on android is impressive and works well, i’d go for that over twitterl. The most impressive smarthings app that would show off how important an open platform is i’d have to say is smarttiles. If really want to blow the minds of your attendees, dress up a roomba as a Dalek and tell it to “Exterminate!”

(Tim Slagle) #9

Amazon echo is a huge wow factor at the demos we do :smile:

(Eduardo Veras) #10

If i had one that be great :confused:

(Eduardo Veras) #11

I could go with the ifttt way, but that would leave me with no code to show , and they will want to see code