Upcoming SmartApp Workshops

Continuing the discussion from SmartApp Workshop:

We are launching the first couple in a series of SmartApp Workshops next week. The first will be on August 6th and replace the Developer Discussion for next week. The virtual workshop will be held using the Bluejeans software and will run approximately 2 hours (from 8 to 10pm EST; 5-7pm PST)

Thanks to the feedback of many we have a draft agenda. We’re still adding and modifying so feel free to continue to suggest changes.

  1. Concept Intro
  2. IDE Intro
  3. Groovy intro
  4. Basic SmartApps
  5. Intermediate SmartApps
  6. Advanced SmartApps
  7. Calling Web Services
  8. GitHub Integration
  9. Open workshop/hands on

If you are interested in attending this or an upcoming workshop please complete the “application” form.


Unfortunately I will be on an airplane during this workshop, but I am very interested in the content. Will it be recorded?

Yes, we will record the virtual workshops and also plan on recording the in-person ones.

You know… Western Michigan is lovely this time of year… you really should plan a road trip. Heck, if you bring a session here I’ll even bring some cookies to the meeting! :smile:

Bay Area SmartApp Workshop NEXT TUESDAY

We’re kicking off the in-person SmartApp Workshops in San Francisco. We’re gearing this one to people who have software development experience but not necessarily experience with SmartApps or the SmartThings Platform.

Here are some details:

Tuesday August 12th
6pm to 10pm (last half will be writing your own apps so it is not necessary to stay the entire time)
Highway1 Office
450 Alabama Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

There will be light dinner and drinks provided.

Space is limited so please let me know if you are planning to attend.

If you are interested in attending this or an upcoming workshop please complete the “application” form.

@Ben I have been meaning to ask you, and forgive me if this is out of place (feel free to delete it), but outside of getting our own stuff working, wanting to give back to the community that help us get started, and OEMs wanting to integrate their offerings, what incentives do you foresee being available to folks for continued development on the SmartThings platform?

Here is the video of the workshop:

It started recording a little late and there were some queue backups making the simulator slow right as we were showing that part. But otherwise, great!

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