Friday Night Live Stream Coding

Because, why not.

Join me at 9pm Central Time tonight (short notice, I know) for a spur of the moment live coding session where I will attempt to use SmartThings and the IDE to write a simple devicetype that will play a simple game.

So come on and watch me code! Ask questions.


Code from tonight:

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Dude! What an awesome idea!

Live coding… Super cool man!

Wish I saw this before now. I would of come in and hastled you a bit;)

Thinking of doing a whole series. Trying to find the ideal time. Was fun to code in public, even though no one was watching.

I am thinking of involving others in a Google hangout and then streaming that out, who knows.

Also, I wanted to see if st could be used as a platform for games :wink:


Bummer, missed it, and the PM clue…

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If you give me a heads up, I would love to join. I am +jodyalbritton on google plus/hangouts.


Whoa!!! Awesome! Sad I missed it! Will join the next one!

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Be neat to make the slots be 3 hues in the same room. and see if you can get them to line up in matching colors (assign only 6 colors? ROYGBV?)

Winning makes “ching ching ching” sounds on a sonos

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Yeah. That might be much harder then it appears, but not impossible. Good demo of the interaction between smartapps and devices for input and output.

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