Aeotec Nano Dimmer Control with switch and dimming

Hi All,

Apologies if this is a little repetitive from other posts but i cant seem to get my aeotec dimmers to work following the other instructions, I think i need some help earlier in the process.

I have the following device

The new circuit has been wired in. The dimmer “works” with smartthings app and alexa.

However the dimming range doesn’t seem to work, in other words 1% and 100% look identical.

As well as this my manual switch doesn’t work so i have no manual control over the circuit, one of the appeals of going down the aeotec route. Ihve tired an MK retrative switch but would be perfectly happy with an on off swith TBH.

Ive had a go at using the tweaker but no success.

Any advice on where to start getting this up and running would be great. thank you!

I had this issue with a GE Enbrighten Gen2 dimmer. It just wasn’t compatible with the LED can lights I had it controlling. Switched to a Zooz ZEN27 dimmer which worked fine.

OK Ill do a compatibility search but Im almost sure its more of a parameters issue as opposed to compatibility. Im uing the Enlite E6 LED luminaires (dimmable).

I just dont know how to modify the parameters and what to modify them to.


That’s certainly possible. My LEDs are dimmable and had dumb dimmers. Zooz dimmers worked great, GE/Jasco did not.

While parameters could have been the issue, I’d expect default to work for most cases. I have only had to tweak the dimming range parameters on one of eight Zooz dimmers I’ve installed.

You can get at the parameters using the IDE.

  • Open a browser, go to
  • Log in with your Samsung account
  • Go to the list of Devices
  • Find your device and click on its name
  • Find the Preferences section, click the edit link.

You might need reference info from the switch maker to identify the parameters. I use the “Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic” DTH with my Zooz devices so I get local execution. With that DTH, I see a “maxBright” and “minBright” parameter.

You might be able to access the parameters from the device page in the app, but can definitely do it from the IDE.

Thanks Hal.

Useful info and will give this a try.

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