Nano Dimmer avoid flicker

Hello to all SmartThings friends,

I’m struggling with my Nano Dimmer, it flickers. Maybe flicker is a wrong term, but it varies in luminance quickly up and down. This happens not all the time, but once in a while so it’s irritating to have it on. Happens more often with dimmed down than 100%.

Maybe some settings on the Nano Dimmer? I have in all 3 LED drivers running one light each, all have the same settings and suffer from the same problem.

DH: Z-Wave Metering Dimmer
Version Report: Application Version: 1.00, Z-Wave Protocol Version: 4.54, Z-Wave Library Type: 03 (Enhanced Slave)
Firmware Metadata Report: Firmware ID: 006F, Checksum: 2A93
#249: Size: 1, Value: 0
#132: Size: 1, Value: 40
#131: Size: 1, Value: 5
#130: Size: 1, Value: 1
#129: Size: 1, Value: 0
#128: Size: 1, Value: 2
Led Driver: Dimmable Triac Leading Edge/Trailing edge driver
Watt: 50W / 30W / 35W

All works flawlessly except this rapid change of luminance/flicker.
Any suggestions?

Thanks to all!

It’s probably best to get this bypass for your dimmer.

Thank you. I thought the Bypass only were for much lower loads such like 4-20W? But perhaps it is necessary for higher loads like mine 35-50W?

You’re right.

20w minimum without neutral.
10w minimum with neutral.

I have a bunch of nano dimmers (7 of them, running on neutral, used with Homey) and some have been behaving better than others. To be fair they don’t all have the same identical settings, but some have been acting up: When turned on the icon in the app says the light is on when in reality it’s not (and the other way around).

Now, one of them won’t turn the light on (22w LED) and instead flashes when turned on (then turns it off after 5 or so flashes. When turned off, it does the same flashing.

It has the same settings as some of the other dimmers that work fine with the same momentary switch/bulb so… I dunno. Weird.




To be honest I sold all my Nano Dimmers and instead now use Fibaro dimmers. They are much more reliable and now I’m happy with my setup finally :slight_smile: