Nano Dimmer avoid flicker



Hello to all SmartThings friends,

I’m struggling with my Nano Dimmer, it flickers. Maybe flicker is a wrong term, but it varies in luminance quickly up and down. This happens not all the time, but once in a while so it’s irritating to have it on. Happens more often with dimmed down than 100%.

Maybe some settings on the Nano Dimmer? I have in all 3 LED drivers running one light each, all have the same settings and suffer from the same problem.

DH: Z-Wave Metering Dimmer
Version Report: Application Version: 1.00, Z-Wave Protocol Version: 4.54, Z-Wave Library Type: 03 (Enhanced Slave)
Firmware Metadata Report: Firmware ID: 006F, Checksum: 2A93
#249: Size: 1, Value: 0
#132: Size: 1, Value: 40
#131: Size: 1, Value: 5
#130: Size: 1, Value: 1
#129: Size: 1, Value: 0
#128: Size: 1, Value: 2
Led Driver: Dimmable Triac Leading Edge/Trailing edge driver
Watt: 50W / 30W / 35W

All works flawlessly except this rapid change of luminance/flicker.
Any suggestions?

Thanks to all!

(Ray) #2

It’s probably best to get this bypass for your dimmer.


Thank you. I thought the Bypass only were for much lower loads such like 4-20W? But perhaps it is necessary for higher loads like mine 35-50W?