Z-Wave connection tip: un-enroll devices

I was extremely frustrated last night when trying to connect a bunch of Z-Wave lamp modules that had been previously used on a Nexia system. Luckily, I still had the old Nexia controller sitting in a box, so I plugged in a battery and followed the process to remove the devices. Once I did that, the modules immediately connected to my SmartThings hub.

Hope this helps someone!

There wouldn’t be a way to do this without a non-SmartThings hub, would there?

I wish I knew the answer; I don’t have a good grasp on how Z-Wave works. (I’m glad SmartThings does) I was so frustrated last night I was ready to send back my kit.

Somehow the device is remembering that it was enrolled - you’d think there would be a way to reset it.

Z-Wave devices stay paired to a controller unless told to leave. Even if you factory reset it. Any Z-Wave controller can remove any Z-Wave device from any Z-Wave network.

So if you had devices paired to an old hub/controller, you can remove them using ANY hub/controller.

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Man you could have a lot of fun unpairing a friends network with a pocket controller… Not that I’d do something so juvenile :slight_smile:

Interesting. So if a Z-Wave device can be unpaired using any controller, then it should have been possible for Scott to unpair his devices using the SmartThings hub, no? Or is it not what Z-Wave recognizes as a “controller.”


The hub can unpair it, but the interface doesn’t currently expose uenrolling a device that isnt already present. I believe they can kick that off manually. I have also heard they plan to rework the entire process to be more user friendly.

can a z wave device be controlled from multiple controllers ? e.g. ST and non-ST hubs.

can a z wave device be controlled from multiple controllers ? e.g. ST and non-ST hubs.

No. Hence the need to unpair them from a controller.

I wish they’d hurry up and add a way to do a complete un-pair from the smartthings hub. I have a Schlage door/window sensor that is stuck in limbo after I tried to remove it from within the SmartThings app (there is currently no way to complete this process).

@Daniel, being it seems all removing a device does it put the hub in exclusion mode (and deletes the thing from the interface) I wonder if you could delete any other thing and then quickly exclude both of them at the same time.

^that’s worth a shot, I’ll try it when I get home and report back.

@Daniel Just make sure the exclude the newer device first, so that you dont end up with TWO limbo devices :wink:

Don’t try that double-exclusion idea – only one device can be excluded at a time.

I agree this is a major pain. It comes from our devices model being based on how ZigBee devices join/leave a network, but we finally fixed it and you should have proper Z-Wave exclusion very soon.

In the mean time, there is a link in the Z-Wave utilities from the hub view page on the developer site that puts your hub in exclusion mode for 15 seconds. Unfortunately there is a web error on the Z-Wave utilities page right now, but once that works, it should be usable.

Thanks for the info Duncan, looks like I’m going to have to dig in and get my hands dirty. Might even write an app or two, while I’m at it :slight_smile:

Thanks, Duncan. Can you let us know when we’ll be able to exclude devices from the hub view page? (is that page hosted on the hub or online?)

I have a used Schlage Deadbolt that refuses to get excluded. I’ve tried both of my old Nexia hubs with no success. I’ve even asked Schlage for help.

I have the same problem, I now have a z-wave wall switch, an outlet, and a door lock that are stuck. If there’s a way to do that anywhere I’d appreciate ti.

I just used the Exclude Mode feature to unenroll a schlage lock from the network (I had added it manually and wasn’t sure it was properly enrolled). It worked on the first try! I keyed in the programming code into the lock but didn’t hit the command to enroll/unenroll yet. I then set my hub to exclude mode via the zwave utilities on the hub page. Last hit 0 on the lock (that’s the command to enroll/unenroll) and immediately got a green light from the lock – it was no longer part of the network. Note: while the hub page updated immediately, the iphone app required a restart (kill the app and restart it, not the phone) to see the new state.

Wait a minute…if any Z-wave hub can unenroll any Z-wave device from any network, doesn’t that suggest anyone with a Z-wave hub could walk up to your house, unenroll all your Z-wave sensors, and break in without being detected? Or is it the case that you can only unenroll a device this way if its currently-configured network is not broadcasting? What am I missing here?

@intelligen you have to physically interact with a device to exclude them from a network. Usually a manual button press.