Help with a 24 Volt vacuum switch

I’m trying to help out my brother with a project in his work shop. He has a CNC router and is trying to incorporate a Zwave or Zigbee switch into the power cord that goes into a 24 volt low voltage board which powers a connected vacuum. What type of switch could he use for this?

You have a few options for this purpose. You can use this MiMOlite


Or or GoControl

All 3 are dry contact relays but the first one can take low voltage input which I think is probably the best option for your case.

Edit : sorry, after reread your post again. Are you saying you want to control 110VAC going into the circuit board? if so then use the GoControl and Remotec
Controlling 24VDC going into the circuit board? You can use all 3.

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Thanks Navat604 for your help! He says that it needs to be 24 volt AC. The switch itself doesn’t power the vacuum, it just sends a signal to turn it on or off somehow.

I know the MiMOlite does latch or momentary by changing the jumper. The other 2 are latching relays by default but you could change the device handle to a virtual momentary switch in IDE if needed. Hopefully your brother’s switch is a momentary switch. That would make thing really easy by connecting the set of dry contacts in parallel to the switch. If it’s a latch switch then it’s a little more tricky.

App to Manage Shop / Garage Dust Collector / Vacuum System probably not what you’re looking for but we’ll give him some ideas.

Have a look at the Fibaro relay. I get the impression I’m going to be using a lot of Fibaro kit (relays and dimmers) to sort out most of my automation issues.

Pretty good guide here:

Edit, I might be a little confused by your requirements so have a look and see if it meets the requirements of your use case. Apologies if not. P

If he wants to “add a switch” to the power cord, then the Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS will work just fine:

If he just wants an isolated relay, I’ve used both the LFM20 (cheapest) and the MimoLite. With SmartThings, the LFM20 can be set up easily as a latch or momentary relay by just changing the device handler.

This the project I just did, but using a Vera controller to manage our windows using an LFM20 to turn the building ventilator on/off and a few MimoLite units which interface to the window RF controller.

We’re using a solar powered window opener system here for night pre-cooling of the building:

Be aware that if you use SmartThings to manage this, the lag time between tool on/off time might be in issue. If he’s ok with a 3-5 second delay in the vacuum power-up, forge on :slight_smile:

Will these options work for 24 volts ac though?

The lfm20 isolated relay is fine up to 220V and 20 amps. It requires a 110V connection to power it. The MimoLite requires 9V to power it.

In both of these, the relay is an isolated switch meaning it’s simply open or closed…no power is provided to the switch wires. If you’re simply wanting to control power to the 24V board, either will work if you wire the relay wires in series with one of the 24V power leads.

Awesome, thanks for explaining this!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: The MimoLites also have a signal input, making them more expensive. You should be able to find an LFM20 (same as GoControl Z-Wave Isolated Contact Fixture Module - FS20Z-1) for $35 or so.

Just wanted to run this by you - we could use the MimoLite and add a wired contact sensor to it’s input terminals which would turn off when the contact sensor is closed correct (without using Zwave and a hub)? Sorry, i’m not familiar with these types of electrical applications.

The Mimolite would require a zwave hub to control it. There are quite a few analog relay boards out there that would work for you I. carries quite a few.