Low Voltage

I have a gas fireplace that seems to be a low voltage to turn it on/off. There are just two small wires and a ground on the switch in the wall. I have not seen a zwave low voltage product, or am not looking correctly. Thought I would see if others knew of something, or an idea how to deal with this…the kids leave the fireplace on all day sometimes and I really want to knock that down.

I use the Remotec Dry Contact module ZFM-80. Works great.

I would assume the Mimolight would work. The new Fibaro RGBW could work as well and it has 4 relays on it.

Good info.

Now it occurs to me I just need to figure out how to get power to that box…so I might well be screwed. I have had no creative break throughs on that one for sure.

2 options, the Mimolite comes with a plug so if you have a wall outlet you could go that way. Or if you have space in the wall, I would think that you could rig a 12v rechargeable or alkaline battery pack to the Mimolite. I’m thinking it could work. Something like this, http://www.maxxima.com/products/product_detail/299/Battery-Pack.html#.VF6FvdTF__0

Or something like this