Generic 12V DC Relay

I did some searching and found Mimolite board which may work thought relay output I believe said 120VAC and I need 12v DC.

Hopefully someone can help me and let me know if the Mimolite board would work or if there is something else I can use/cheaper.

I need a smartthings device, that I can control from smartthings or eventually add to action tiles. The purpose would be to allow me, from my phone, to send out a momentary output (~5V DC up to ~30V DC).

Just some background, outside of the device sending the momentary output, I’ll have a time delay off relay (non smart) that will handle everything else.

If there is one that supports an ‘on/off’ control but with two different relay outputs (momentary output on output1 if ON then if switched to OFF, momentary output on output2) would be even better. But I can get away with just two ‘buttons’.

They will sit in a control box within my garage so I’ll never need to physically get to them unless the device needs battery replaces which is fine.

Any feedback on what I can check out would be greatly appreciated.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary. Also, I’m not sure what you mean by “generic.” in this context. Also mimolite isn’t a board, it’s a relay control in a case ready for consumer sale.

If you’re in Europe, the mimolite is a good choice.

If you’re in North America, the Zooz models are very popular, good customer support and about half the price. You can also contact them and describe your project and they can suggest the best model for you.

There are a couple of other options as well, but again, selection varies by region.

Ya, I just saw the Zooz. I was looking at the ZEN16 I think (from searching). The Zen17 looks similar though. I see just 2 relay outputs which I think is enough.

I could ‘pulse’ the output for R1 for my delay off relay and then R2 for the other one. I should be able to do it from SmartThings, Action Tiles and eventually from a keypad and some logic in WebCoRe or wherever I end up doing that.

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Just for researching/searching purposes…

I was able to get the Zooz ZEN17 model. I actually was able to use it instead of two time delay relays too, since it has configurable ‘time off’ functionality. Including interlocking mode, so I can’t run forward and reverse for the same DC motor. which again, saved me from having to build that in.

So to run my DC stepper motor, I bought Zooz ZEN17 and an adjustable 6V-48V DC converter. So one of the outputs powers the ZEN17 device and then the other two outputs from the power supply run through R1 and R2 on the ZEN17. I still have to tweak the time it stays on for running the stepper motor one way or other, but that can be tweaked on the fly.

I only bought the adjustable power supply but the run to the stepper motor is about 150’. I’m running 12 gauge UG landscaping wire to operate the motor. So with voltage drop, I need to adjust my output to the motor to get a clean 12V DC at that point. The ZEN17 can handle I think up to 24V input too, so it all works out absolutely perfect. Finishing it up this weekend. But so far, couldn’t be happier with the ZEN17 and the flexibility. It reaches my smartthings hub too from the garage which is a good distance and many walls away.

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