Recommendations for a Low-Voltage Momentary Dry Switch


Sorry for my noob question and especially for any terms I have misused.

I’m looking to control a low voltage momentary dry switch on an old wired remote control. Pushing the momentary switch turns a motor on and releasing it stops the motor.

There are only two low-voltage wires connected to the old momentary switch, and I verified that if I manually touch them together, the motor activates and likewise separating them stops the motor.

Basically I just need some sort of SmartThings controllable switch that will close/open the circuit when a button is pressed in SmartThings app.

Looking for recommendations from those who know about such things or have implemented something similar. Thanks so much!

Talk to support at, but I think their related device will probably work:

There are some other alternative devices, but I’m not sure they are being updated to work with the new V3 app.


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JDRoberts- Thank you! That absolutely looks like it will fit the bill perfectly. I very much appreciate the help and recommendation!

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Thanks for recommending the MultiRelay @JDRoberts! @jparchem you’ll need to install a custom handler to use the MultiRelay and once it’s installed and the device is added, change the switch type to Garage Door Mode so the z-wave device in your app can behave like a momentary relay as well (it will turn off by itself after being on for 2 seconds anytime you activate it). Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions!

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Thanks @TheSmartestHouse and @JDRoberts. Based on your recommendation I went with the Zooz Zen16 MultiRelay and installed it last night. It worked perfectly! Thank you both again.


That’s great to hear John! Thanks for reporting back :slight_smile:

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