[Help] SmartThings can't discover anything!

Hello! I’m new to SmartThings. I just got a SmartThings Hub v2 today. After setting up the device (plugging it in, signing up, creating a location and name for the hub, etc.) I’m having huge problems trying to add “a thing” to it. The app just sits there “Looking for devices” finding nothing.

I have 2 Philip Hue Lights with hub, 4 WeMo plugs, and 1 WeMo Light Switch. I also have a Harmony Hub and an Echo.

I was able to connect SmartThings with the Harmony Hub because it uses a cloud to cloud connection so I could link it manually. I haven’t tired linking my Echo to it, I wanted to get everything else on SmartThings first.

I have googled and searched high and low for a solution with no success.

I have tired power cycling the SmartThing Hub, Philip Hue Hub, my modem.

I have removed the hub/location from the app and then created a new location to start over and try again. There was problems when I was trying to create an account so I tired the setup process again.

I have 4 different times pressed the button on the back of the SmartThings hub in the pinhole to reset.

I have updated the firmware on the Philips Hub.

I have changed plugs, plugging in both SmartThings and Philips Hubs in different outlets.

I went into my phones settings and forced closed the SmartThings app a couple of times.

I’m at a lost here. Can anyone help me get SmartThings to detect my devices?

Sounds very unusual. Have you tried emailing support?

Yes, but since it’s the weekend and their phone lines, and online chats are closed until Monday I won’t expect a reply from them until then.