Help Required - Welcome Code Invalid & Huawei Phone

Hi all - just got my first SmartThings kit and got it set up. My Huawei P20 Pro phone is refusing to load either of the log in pages on both SmartThings apps. I followed all of the instructions and suggestions, including installing Samsung’s own browser.

Used my Samsung tablet to sign in and have it working. I followed a guide another user uploaded here, involving downloading an old version APK to get past the log in issues.

However it now says my Welcome Code is invalid, even though it worked the first time?

Any and all help would be very appreciated.


You may have to contact support.
What happens when you try signing into the latest version of app?
Are you using a Samsung login ? I’m guessing you are as you’re a new user but some people still use a SmartThings login.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your response!

I downloaded the two most recent SmartThings apps. The new version, and the classic. They both failed so I then installed the older version of Classic that is said to work with Huawei phones. Alas it didn’t work, so I’m still stuck unfortunately. Where do I go to contact support? It wasn’t very clear on my phone!

I have a Huawei phone and had some trouble when I installed a second web browser on the phone (the Firefox security browser), it would take me to a login screen that just didn’t work. When I uninstalled the second browser leaving only Chrome it worked fine.
Not sure the root cause but it seemed that SmartThings picked the wrong browser and there was no way to change it.
My phone is an old Mate 7 they gave me when I worked for Huawei, so your mileage may vary :grinning:

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Hi Kris,

Can’t thank you enough - I had made Chrome the default browser, manually selected it and the app still failed. Uninstalled my other browser and bingo!

Thank you very much - what an odd bug but just relieved it’s solved!

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No problem, glad I could help!
Hope you enjoy the phone, I had a P9 before, that was a really nice phone so I’m sure the P20 Pro must be pretty decent.