Help removing iHome from ST

iHome updated their firmware, and made a muck of my ISP5 smart plugs. I have fought long and hard, but can’t seem to get any of my plugs to work with ST. The plugs will work with the native app.

1st problem, and a long-standing issue: ST seems to think that I have the following connected: Lamp (twice), Lamps, T.V. and boys T.V., and Tabel light (incorrect spelling to boot). Rest assured, I have never had any of these items. I purchased the outlets as new, and did a factory reset on all of them when I first set them up. None of these items appear in the native app.

2nd issue: I delete all of the above named items as well as the plugs I’ve named from the ST app, yet they manage to reappear. I tried deleting them in the IDE, but they reappear.

3rd: I tried deleting iHome Control in the ST app, but I get the message “An unexpected error occurred”.

4th: I’ve factory reset the plugs after having them off the mains all day, reconnected them via the iHome app, changed their names, yet the new names do not appear in the ST app. The delightful part is that all of the items such as “Boys T.V.” et al manage to make a reappearance.


I’m also open to suggestions for replacement plugs. Preferably something with a small footprint and Z-wave or Z-wave +

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What happens if you open Automation: iHome Control (Connect) click on Default Location and deselect it and click save? If it saves, then try to remove it.


I get the unexpected error occurred message, and the permission remains.

I believe it is time for you to contact ST support

Le sigh…

What happened?

I was working with iHome to see if we might be able to get the plugs to work. Despite only having 4 plugs in my home, iHome indicated that I have 17 iHome devices. This would explain why I have things such as "Tabel light (including incorrect spelling), Boy’s t.v., Lamp, etc. on my account. No clue where they came from.

Several days ago I asked iHome to delete all my devices, and I would start over. I haven’t heard a thing from them. Being that my plugs haven’t been working since iHome’s first and subsequent disastrous firmware update, I am looking elsewhere for hardware to replace my iHome plugs.

Last update:

I had iHome delete my account and then I started over from ground zero. The app kept popping up a notice that I couldn’t rename the device because there was no connection. However, once I got past the birrage of pop-up’s, the outlet was renamed.

I re-enabled the Alexa permissions, but she wasn’t able to discover the plugs. Then, the app started crashing on my iPhone X. I deleted and reinstalled the app on my phone, but the crashing continued.

I’ve spent far too much time on iHome’s garbage of a product, so I sent them an email asking that they delete my account.

Anyone have suggestions for a plug that is small in form factor, and works with both ST and Alexa?


I’ve been dealing with iHome via email for about a month now. In my last email I indicated that I had been spending an inordinate amount of time trying to fix the problem (which I didn’t have until iHome messed up their firmware upgrade), and that I was done dealing with the issue. I asked that my account be deleted.

iHome replied simply stating “The account has been deleted. Thanks”.

Not so much as a “Sorry we caused this problem” or “We’d like the opportunity to see if we can work this out. May we call you?”.

In today’s day and age I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m shocked at the poor job this company is doing.