iHome Plugs Dropping and Re Adding

I’m a recent convert to SmartThings having moved off Wink and I have all of my devices moved over and working well overall. The one issue that seems to keep happening is that my iHome plugs ( I have three) seem to randomly be dropping from my things and adding themselves back into ST? I will just wake up one morning and notice that the three plugs are no longer listed in a room and Alexa shows them as new additions to ST. I move them into the correct rooms and everything works fine for a number of days, then randomly they show up new again in ST? I have tried removing the connected service and adding it back, but the same thing is happening, ideas on how to correct?

I replaced all my iHome plugs for the same exact reason.

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Like @jkp , I had the same problem and ended up switching my WiFi plugs to Meross, which have worked well for me.

Well at least I know it’s not just a problem on my end. Thanks