Help on troubleshooting aeon heavyduty switch

Hey. I recently purchased an aeon heavy-duty 220v switch. I can pair and I get electricity readings.
BUT I can’t turn it off/on with app.
I went for a look in the log: when I push the on/off no logs. But I get readings from the device.
When I paired it, the default name is Aeon Secure Smart Energy Switch UK. I’m not in UK. I’m in canada.
Was there an issue with my ordering and somehow got a UK model that may have issues with on/off?! First time this happened to me and can’t find related issues.
Thanks if you can help me troubleshoot this.

Actually I have found other people with same issue. One said to re-pair and look for error. I get Parsed ‘Err 106: ZW secure inclusion failed’ to null

If someone has this issue: unpair the switch.
Bring it closer to the hub (it works on 110v so you can cut an extension cord. Becarefull for electric shock!).
It seem uppon the handshake, the certificate exchange process in the secured transport mode is very quick. If there is a long delay (I’m talking micro seconds here!), the unit will pair but not in secured mode and therefore won’t be controllable.