Using UK DTH for US Version Aeon Smart Switch 6 Gen 5/ DTH: Aeon Secure Smart Energy Switch UK


Editing my post:
The device does not seem to work entirely when secure inclusion. I am out of time to do any more testing today. I would delete this post but I do not see an option to do that.

When I secure include my US Version Aeon Smart Switch 6 Gen 5 it is detected by smart things as an AEON LED Bulb.

I switched the device type to Aeon Secure Smart Energy Switch U.K. and it seems to mostly work.

It reports correct status, on/off and reports Watts, but it seems I cannot turn it on and off from the smart things app.

Thanks in advance

I got the same issue. Can’t turn on/off with app. Did you resolve it?

Me too. It only refreshes the status. But can not be controlled. Can anybody make this work with ST?

I resolve it. It is working with the generic Z-Wave Metering Switch Device Handler. It also measuring the consumption and it is a DH capable of local processing .