Aeon Labs ZW078-A Z-Wave Heavy Duty Smart Energy Appliance Switch


I recently purchased a ZW078 Switch that I plan on using with my pool pump. I am having difficulty getting it to work with my v2 hub. It has been successfully paired, but the status always shows “On” and it wont respond to commands. I have tried using the built-in device handler that it is detected as “Aeon Secure Smart Energy Switch UK” as well as the community device handler here: I thought it could be a range issue as this is my first Zwave device, but moving the hub closer didn’t seem to help. I have re-paired it multiple times and run the zwave network repair. Any ideas on this before I give up and try another solution?

(Kevin) #2

Based on the device handler it’s defaulting to, it probably needs to be paired securely. If you open Live Logging in the IDE before pairing and it doesn’t pair securely, you’ll most likely see errors even though it will look like it pairs successfully.

This happens all the time with the Aeon Labs Doorbell and most users solve the problem by either pressing the button more than once during the pairing process or moving the device right next to the hub before pairing to ensure that it connects directly to the hub instead of going through other devices.


I have it working now. It does appear to be a range issue - I suppose the fact that it is mounted outdoors in a metal enclose doesn’t help things. Thanks for the help!

(Evan Caulfield) #4

I want to use the Aeon Labs ZW078-A to control my water heater, which Smart App would I use to automatically turn on/off the water heater?


I am a newbie, but in Oct 2016, I went directly to manufacturer’s support and they were a great help in setting up a custom device handler on Github.

I currently use 2, one for my water heater & one for my well pump that I remotely turn on/shut off when I leave the cabin for the weekend.
The documentation that came with the product was lacking, but the support via email was excellent. Good luck.

I also took a ST leak sensor to shut down both Well Pump & Water Heater.

(Hardy G36ess) #6

Hello there,

I’m still very much a newbie to this whole Smartthings and z-Wave Stuff, but I’ve also just installed a Aeon Labs ZW078-A z-Wave Heavy Duty Smart Energy Switch to control/monitor a hot water boiler/geyser and I’m having the exact same problem that you describe.
I was able to create the get the device handler into the IDE and it does show my “geyser” in a constant on state, but my heavy duty switch doesn’t seem to be pair properly (=slowly blinking LED on the switch itself).

My hot water water geyers is located in the roof space above my office and the Smartthings Hub is located almost directly underneath (~3.5meters).

Can you perhaps elaborate how you got it to work in the end? That you be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,