Help Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch with ST hub

I installed an Aeotec SMART heavy duty switch ZW078-A Gen5 to to control my pool pump.
It was hard to get it to paired but it finally did.
It operates on and off with the switch and app and schedule operates just fine. But for some reason there is no power or consumption kWh showing., both show 0 while pump is running.
History shows 0 on consumption as well.
ST Hub v2 STH-ETH-250
Aeotec Mod. ZW078-A

I don’t know anything about the device, but there are several discussions about pairing issues, in general, relating to it.

Not that it relates specifically to your issue, but the idea that it may not pair properly when it otherwise seems as if it did is described in this one:

I found the solution on another forum for the not showing power.
It was a wiring issue when connecting on a 120v load device.
The connection for 120v load goes as follows.

On both in(supply) and out (load).

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Nice. Glad you figured it out, I’m sure that info will help others that encounter the same problem.