HELP! Aeon Labs Heavy Duty Smart Switch DSC10

Anyone know if it will work on SmartThings with an existing published or community created device type?

It’s a 220/240 Volt 40 Amp Smart Energy Switch, I want to use it for dryer energy monitoring and notification. Also would like to hook one up to main HVAC power to monitor energy used by the HVAC System.


I got this device today, along with another Smart Energy Switch DSC06106 (My 3rd).

When trying to add this device the light goes from blinking to solid which per the manual means it was added. The problem is the ST App doesn’t every acknowledge that i found it or show it in things.

On a related note the DSC06106 I received did the exact same thing, except that it did show up in Things but the App never acknowledged it was included.

I have rebooted the hub still no luck. Any ideas?

I would find the device in the IDE, see what device ST associated with it and change it over to one of the supported AEON devices…

It’s not in the IDE, thats the problem.

Did you ever solve this problem? I’ve got the same issue.

Guessing it didn’t pair completely.

Check this thread Aeon Heavy Duty Switch Gen 5 device type
If you have an updated firmware, the device type I have posted should work for you.