Help. None of my lights are responding to my phone

Had a power outage earlier in the day. By the time I got home it was back up as was smart things. Got home and everything turned on and unlocked like it was supposed to. Was going to mess with a light and noticed it’s reported status was wrong. Turned it to on as it was already on them back off and it went off but then several others status changed and showed incorrectly so I gave it a power cycle. Now the light is green but nothing is responding.

is it one light only? What is the device type (hue,GE light switch)?

I have had issues with out of sync before, usually a refresh on the device snaps it back. Often the Mesh network needs to rebuild some after a power outage.

Live logging may give you info if the switch is responding or not.

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How do you refresh it? It’s a bunch of lights. Some osram some hue.

Both those are 3rd party interfaces, so not native. In the device type there should be a refresh button.

Can you control the lights through the hue app? The bridge for those devices could be offline still.

Nice of my devices operate through a hub. They all connect directly through ST.

@chowder007i recommend doing a replace. open each thing. edit device. replace. wait til it says ready to place. turn on. wait for success

I thought Hue has to go through the hue bridge. Not sure on Osram.

Is this in API? When I go to each bulb and edit I don’t see any replace option.

Its in the app. Go into the device, click the 3 dots in the upper right -> Edit Device. There is a red button that is replace, that first checks health, and if unhealthy offers to replace. It may only work for z-wave.

edit: add link to support site.

I stand corrected on Hue, I guess there is a custom device type for no bridge.

Check this thread out: Instructions Connecting Philips Hue Lux without Hue bridge?

Last post he said he had unresponsive lights and he scanned for new devices, which I guess re-established previous. Might be the fix for you

Ok I’ll try that. None of mine have the replace option.

sorry i thought he meant bulbs other than hue. i had no idea there hues that do not require a bridge

Ok I did the connect new device and let it scan for a while but it didn’t fix it

Bummer. The next thing is try is to delete the device and re-add them. It sucks.

I may try a reboot of the hub first. You never know, zigbee may be locked up or something stupid. Press the red button, pulling the power cord don’t work. (or take out batteries)

I already took out the batteries and pulled the power cord. Hitting the red button won’t wipe the device?

No, holding it will (I think). If you already yanked the batts and power its probably good as it gets.

From the support article " the OSRAM LIGHTIFY BR30 RGBW Bulb is not discovered or is not performing as expected, you may need to reset the bulb and/or reconnect it with the SmartThings Hub."

And the support articles are here:

Yeah I already did that. Thought it was going to be simple so I’ve been laying in the bed. Going to give it some real attention here in a minute. Thanks for your help and the info man.

Good luck. I had a bunch of devices stop working a month or so ago. Had to delete and re-add. Was a pain, but been fine ever since.

Here is an similar situation as you:

But having to delete and readd means I’ll have to redo all my device handlers right?

Hey man. I just went back through the house. Out of the 11 bulbs I have a total of 4 not working.