Phillips Hue Bulb not responding

Hi All,

I’ve got a number of Phillips Hue bulbs in my house, connected directly to the Smartthings hub. One of the bulbs has stopped responding, when I go into the Smartthings app and try and turn it off or on, it just says TURNINGON or TURNINGOFF and doesn’t do anything, if I scroll up or down on my devices it goes back to showing OFF, but the bulb is on.

If I look online at My Devices, it shows as ONLINE, whereas all the other Phillips Hue bulbs show as ACTIVE.

Is there a way of repairing the connection so the hub recognises the bulb again or do I have to reset it to factory conditions and re-pair with the hub… this is the second bulb that’s done this to me and this one’s in a chandelier and I really don’t want to have to re-pair all 3 bulbs in it!

Thanks for any guidance.



The same thing happened to me yesterday and I went to the Hue app > More > Settings > Hue Bridges > Info > ZigBee and changed the channel. Everything started working again. Hope it works for you.

Thanks! I don’t have the Hue Bridge, I have the bulbs paired directly with the Smartthings Hub.

The first thing you can try is unplugging the smartthings hub for at least 15 minutes (including taking out the batteries, if any). Leave everything else on power. This is long enough that the individual zigbee devices will go into “panic mode” when they can’t find the hub. then when the hub comes back on power, each individual device will rebuild its own neighbor table. This may cause the nonresponsive bulb to reconnect. There’s no guarantee it will work, but it’s pretty easy to try and it can’t hurt anything.

Have you tried “rebooting” the bulb? Unscrew it for a few minutes and screw it back in.

Hi @JDRoberts - I shall try this tonight and see if it works

@desertblade - this means getting a ladder out, and I’m lazy… :joy:

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Or you could just flip the light switch. If the other bulbs stop responding, I take no responsibility.