Help---New User, not very tech savvy

Just purchased the SmartThings Home Monitoring kit with the 2 door sensors, motion sensor, and wall outlet. I also ordered 2 D-link 5029L Pan & Tilt cameras, as these were listed as compatible.
I set up the hub, signed up on Android app, and began pairing devices. The wall outlet and door sensors work flawlessly. The motion sensor however never shows motion, even when ‘Away’ alarm is set. I tried resetting by pulling the battery, and it still shows no motion.
I tried setting up 1 of the cameras, and whenever I got to the step where the Ethernet is disconnected, the wifi can’t find it, and it asks to go back and verify password.
We are on high speed DSL by the way, which is not blazing fast.
I’m curious if the panning function will work once I get these set up, or should I just set up a separate D-link account?
Any help is appreciated. TIA

These may help

Yes, I’m familiar with both of those links. I just thought that maybe I am missing something. Thank you for responding!

UPDATE: It looks like I will be sending all of this crap back to Amazon since Samsungs support is non-existent, and the community here has not been helpful either. Beyond frustrated!

I had the same problem. I needed to use the D-Link setup Windows Setup Wizard to set up the WiFi network. Like you said, it never recognizes any network and doesn’t give you the option to set one up (although the SmartThings instructions say it does). Once you set it up through the Windows Setup Wizard, you can choose not to sign up for MyDLink and it will connect to SmartThings.