Home Monitor Security Cannot Add Motion Sensors

When trying to edit Set Up Armed (away) sensors i cannot add my motion sensors anymore. Under monitor movement, person motion sensors, it says None Available. I have 4. All are working in the app. Any help is appreciated.

Try rebooting the hub. If it doesn’t work, then delete the motion sensors and re-pair them.

Thank you for the help. Sadly it did not work.

Was it working before and which brand are they?

Yes they were. There is a Samsung Zigbee motion sensor, a Dome Z-Wave Plus DMMS1 motion sensor and 2 Zooz Z-Wave ZSE 40 4 in 1 sensor. I have a Samsung V3 hub. All the sensors show up in their various rooms of the ST app and are working. I know 3 were working at the end of February in the Home Monitor security app. Added second Zooz a week ago and found the problem.

@DRDutra, Weird…Can you clear the smartthings cache and try again. Which mobile app are you using?