Bad Samsung, No Cookie

Bought the Smartthings kit from my local Pc-World (the day it was released),followed the instructions etc but the Motion Sensor wouldn’t connect, contacted support and did everything they suggested, still no connection, had a good look at it and the (Panasonic) battery (supplied with it) isn’t making contact on the side (+) connection, had to add a small piece of aluminium foil to get the sensor working; Samsung, this is a very poor design, I now have zero confidence in your Smartthings kit.

You should let SmartThings know about the quality issues of the motion sensor. My experience with both support and customer service has been excellent. If you have a defective unit I know they will make it right.

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@Martin89, Those are actually made by another company for SmartThings/Samsung. I have tons of devices from them, and yet to have any quality issues. I would like to think that this is a very unique situation, and by no means should it influence your opinion (in my opinion) of ST. As sidjohn mentions, let ST know and they’ll make it right.

When initially trying to pair, did you notice any blue/green light on the device indicating it’s communicating with the hub? I wonder if the pull tab caused contact issues after you pulled it. I had a couple of the new humidity sensors that pull tabs that were very difficult to pull compared to others I have.

I have mentioned this to ST in detail; it was only after posting here ST offered to replace the sensor; at the moment I’m deciding whether to accept the offer of a replacement or to simply ship the whole kit back, demand a refund, then look elsewhere; at the moment I’m tending towards the latter option.

Hey @Martin89 truly sorry to hear about the motion sensor giving you issue’s. We at SmartThings takes these concerns very seriously and will stop at nothing to make sure it’s right (post in the community or not). Please reach out to me personally at Looking forward to regaining your trust. Thanks!


@Martin89, There’s not much else out there with the flexibility and openness of ST. Seems a bit extreme to me to let a sensor be so influential in a decision. I’d take up ST’s offer quite honestly. I think you’ll be pleased in the long run.

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I’m reading a bent metal tab, or a plastic mold that slipped through QC cause the battery to not make contact properly. First off I would have fixed the bent tab or trimmed the plastic BEFORE I just put a piece of foil in there to fix the connection.
Then I contact the company and they offer me a refund or replacement . I decide rather than accept their apology I am going to just write the whole thing off and badmouth the company.

I wish I lived in your obviously perfect world. I pretty much expect tabs to get bent and molds to be a little off. Hey I have a brand new never been used Mag-Lite flashlight sitting here. The bottom cap was put on too tight and I have tried everything to open it up to put batteries in it with no success. I guess Mag-Lite must be a cheap fly by night company that everybody should avoid.

The build quality of the smartthings branded sensors is shocking! I’ve just returned 4 presence sensors, 4 multi sensors and 3 motion detectors due to very poor build quality. These devices are so fragile they are all likely to break when replacing the batteries or resetting the device. I’m absolutely amazed they made it through quality testing, if any was even performed. It probably explains why all the seals on my boxes had been opened before.

It is virtually impossible to replace the battery in the presence sensor without the small tabs which secure the battery in place without the tabs shearing off. This happened on two sensors while attempting to add the devices following a reset of the system due to hub software issues. This was NOT due to excessive force either. I was skeptical about the durability of the fob itself when i opened the box, there is no way this will survive the wear and tear of being attached to a set of keys in someones pocket or bag for any duration.

One motion detector arrived DOA, another failed when resetting the device when attempting to re-add to the hub following the previous reset. The reset button or mechanism beneath appeared to break when using my thumb to depress the button, or at least i could hear something loose within the sensor. Again this was not due to excessive force.

Similarly, the multi sensor reset button suffered a similar failure to the motion sensor.

I cannot believe how fragile these device are not to mention that the huh software is clearly immature and not ready for a general release to the public as a commercial product. I would not have found out how bad these sensors actually are if the software hadn’t forced me to reset the system.