All my plugs using Zigbee Switch Mc stopped working today

So for some reason all the zigbee plug switches i have that use Zigbee Switch Mc just stopped working today. they were fine yesterday. Have rebooted the hub 2 times but not helping. The plugs are of different brands and all don’t respond, but they don’t show as offline either… anyone else with this ?

Instead of rebooting, try powering it off for 15 minutes. If it is a v2 hub, remove the batteries during this process. Power cycle the devices as well.

Otherwise, it may be related to the that a few other users has experienced.

I can confirm that the Edge drivers Zigbee Switch Power Mc dont work any more. they have worked for months and months and now they don’t. All my Tuya zigbee plugs that used this driver stopped working yesterday. Luckily i found another edge driver (Zigbee Switch Beta) that does work. It works now but i would like to know why it suddenly stopped yesterday ? what changed in the smartthings black hole cloud ?

which hub do you have?

FYI… Please do not reset your hub :slight_smile:

I am on v2 Hub. i will not be resetting it that’s for sure! have hundreds of devices running everything. The day I have to reset the hub is the day I am migrating to HA . Already have the HA Yellow sitting on my desk running just incase! Hopefully samsung doesn’t screw me in the migration away from groovy and i can stay on ST !

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tagging @Mariano_Colmenarejo since you mentioned it only appears to be happening with the Zigbee Switch Power Mc Edge driver but works with a different driver. Perhaps he can provide you with some insight. what version of the Zigbee Switch Power Mc do you have installed on your hub? tried removing/reinstalling it?

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Hi im using ver 2023-05-22. I have just removed and reinstalled it, It now works about 50% of the time. it works fine with peanut zigbee plugs but has real issues with the tuya ones which have worked fine for months. the smartthings beta zigbee driver works great and is fast.

Hi @Alexhp11

10 days ago, May 16, I modified the driver in a TEST version to be able to use custom divisors in the correct calculation of energy and power.

A user was testing it, precisely with a very common Tuya device in the driver, TS011F.

6 days later, on May 22, I merged it to the Mc driver, since it worked fine.

I don’t know this has to do with your devices not working.

I don’t quite understand what you mean by that they work 50% of the time.

If you send me the CLI logs with the failure that occurs, I will be happy to look at it.

Hi Thanks so much for getting back to me . the plugs i use are tuya zigbee BSD58 (TS011F) . I did find out i also had 2 peanut plugs using this driver that still work fine. but the tuya ones stopped completely 2 days ago.

then yesterday i uninstalled the EDGE driver and reinstalled it and now they work but very slow response and dont always come on or off when i click the button in the app (that’s what i mean by work 50% of the time ) . they work fine however with the smartthings beta zigbee switch edge driver now so i am using that. With The smartthings driver they are super responsive and work well

Hi @Alexhp11

I don’t know why turning on and off can work slowly with this driver on a specific device and with the stock driver it works faster. The two drivers use the same code for those specific functions on all devices.

I don’t know if it would have to do with the number of devices paired in each driver.

If you send me CLI logs of the commands that are slow, I can look at it.

In the stock driver a divisor by 1 is used to calculate the energy for these TS011F models and normally they need a divisor by 100. Do they measure energy fine with the stock driver?