Aeotec or Smartthings hub?

I have some Aeotec sirens and bits that used to work with smartthings but now do not (V2 Hub)
Do i now need a V3 hub or an Aeotec Hub or are they both the same?

You do not need a new hub. Can you describe the issue with the aeotec siren? what edge driver is it currently using?

If it is a sound issue, check out this thread:

When i try to pair it with smartthings it just keeps saying you need a hub?

iOS or Android app? does the color of the led change on the hub when trying to pair the device?

try scanning for z-wave device instead of by brand > aeotec

Could be location issues… Might not be pointed to the same location where the hub is. :thinking:

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Thanks guys il give it a try