Help needed - unable to add CT100 thermostat

Hi, please forgive me if posting in wrong area - I’m new here :smile:

I currently have a Ct100 thermostat paired with a 2GIG Go-Control panel and setup to work via app,

I’m making the switch over to Smartthings but when I put thermostat in pairing mode I’m unable to see it via SmartThings. Is there a process needed to somehow reset and/or first unpair that device from my Go-Control panel?

Any and all ideas greatly appreciated folks!

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Sorry for the delayed response. Didn’t notice your post on my new posts list. Yes you need to unpair the thermostat from your 2 gig panel. To do this you’ll most likely need the installer code. Then you’ll need to go to the z-wave toolbox. Choose remove a device. At some point you’ll see it tell you to press the button on the device. Go use the same sequence on the ct-100 as you do for pairing. The 2gig panel will tell you that it’s found a device to remove. Then you should be able to pair it to ST