New GoControl Thermostat won't pair

Hi, I’m moving from Iris to Smartthings. I have an existing GoControl wave Thermostat I can’t get to pair. I see some postings about this working under “SmartThings” classic, but I can’t get it to work under the new IoS app. I’m new to Smartthings and not sure how to get this to work. thanks

did you exclude it first?

Yes, I excluded it using my IRIS app first. I think go into the new SmartThings app and click add device. I scroll through the list of manufacturers and this thermostat is not included anywhere. So, I click autodetect and put the Thermostat in paring mode, but the two can’t find each other. Stuck.

Try a general device exclusion from the ST app :slight_smile:

thanks JKP. I’ll give that a shot tonight when I get home. Although I am using the new app, not the classic app. I’m assuming there is equivalent functionality somewhere.

yes, it is in the STSC app under the home hub in devices. Then click on the three dots in the upper right of the screen and select z-wave utilities

Got to work on it this weekend. I unpaired, excluded, did a full factory reset and still could not get Smart Things to recognize it. Got frustrated and went downstairs to work on moving over my Yale Smart lock. As I was doing this the thermostat magically appeared! Bizarre.

So now I can see it and do basic controls, but I don’t see anywhere that I can schedule temp changes - typical wake, away, home and sleep. Do you know where I would find this functionality? Another user suggested trying to find a new device handler.

Device handler does nothing for automations. If you’re using the Classic app, setup a Routine. If using the new app, add a custom automation. May even want to create a Scene that lumps thermostat, lights, etc. into one action and then use it in an automation.

Ok, I found automations and am experimenting. Looks like I can do it, but not a very user friendly interface. Is there not a generic Thermostat schedule feature in SmartThings? IRIS had this. Ecobee has it natively in their app and I would imagine most smart thermostat providers have this.