2gig ct100 configuration

I just installed a 2gig ct100 thermostat. It paired fine and I can control it but I can’t configure it through smartthings app. Any help on what I am doing wrong?

Installed 2 Gig CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat. As above it paired fine but it never showed up in my SmartThings Things as a connected device. I had to use my Aeon Labs DSA02203-ZWUS Z-Wave Z-Stick V2 to have it show Linked. I can only control the Thermostat manually. Any help?

Latest thread on CT100 and others…

I found my problem of not being able to Pair my 2Gig CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat. Even though it was new it had already been Paired with another network. I followed the verbal instructions from 2 Gig Customer Service and still couldn’t Exclude the other Z-Wave Network even with my Minimote so 2 Gig gave me a Case Number and I bought another new 2Gig CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat. One trick from 2 Gig was to Pair it right next to my hub before wiring it into my HVAC system using just battery power. The new replacement 2Gig CT100 Z-Wave Thermostat paired easily and everything has been working as smoothly as I can expect except I’d like to see better Smart Apps written to be able to use the Programming features of the Thermostat that some others are enjoying.