New User - Issues connecting Zipato ZWAVE sensors

I did just but a Samsung SmartThings HUB, (v3 I guess) and I’m having troubles to reconnect all the ZWAVE sensor from my previously working ZIPATO Network.
The ZIPATO Controller unfortunately died (due to an update that they were never able to recover and did not cover under warranty)… so I moved to Samsung.

As I was not able to exclude the sensor from the previous controller now I do have:
4 zipato Dual Sensor
1 zipato contact sensor
1 zipato IP camera
1 zipato Siren
1 zipato Keypad
1 Qubino Thermostat
2 Coolcam Plugs

none of them I’ve been able so far to connect to the new Hub… I tried including them, resetting them, excluding them but nothing so far has worked. (Only Arlo was succesfully included in the new network).

I can put from the app the controller in Exclude mode (green led blinking) but no sensor get recognized for esclusion.

Any suggestion?
Thanks everyone.

You may need to reset the devices as well.

Thanks, That’s what I understood but still can’t make the sensors to connect to my HUB even when I put it in the exclusion mode which is aimed to clear the sensor.
Would in your experience buy a USB-ZWAVE controller to connect to my Mac and run a ZWAVE software give me more control on this process?
I’m using the Samsung HUB and it does not seem to work.

In some case my sensors are not easy to bring close to the HUB itself so going around with my laptop would remove the “distance” issue.

Or am I off road and if the current exclusion method is not working it would not work with the Laptop neither?

what country do you live in and where did you buy the SmartThings hub from? Almost seems like you have a SmartThings hub with a z-wave frequency that doesn’t match the frequency of your z-wave devices.

prjct92eh2 may be correct.

But the point that I was trying to make is that you may have to run the exclusion AND reset the device while the exclusion is running. It’s two different things. You’ll have to look up the documentation for the devices to determine how to reset them. This process is documented in the wiki I referenced.

Very good point…

I bought my HUB used and it turns out to be a US version, am I done or anyone know how can eventually work with my sensors? (did not know there are regional frequencies for ZWave)

What country do you live in? If
You’re outside of USA, Mexico or Canada and using sensors from outside those countries, then the hub may as well be returned or trashed.

I’m in Italy… so the sensors works only on a set of frequencies?

Yeah. Hub and sensors are fixed frequency. If you get a UK model hub, that will work with your sensors.

Thanks Jimmy for the clarification. at least i stop wasting time. I will throw this hub away. :frowning:

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