GoControl Motion/Temp Sensor paired to broken zwave hub. How to unpair?

I got my new SmartThings v2 hub today to replace a bricked zwave hub. However, I have 5 of the goControl motion sensors that were paired to the dead hub. Are they lost forever, or is there some way to force them to reset?


Per the specification, any Z wave controller can issue a “general exclusion” and when you then physically manipulate the end device in some way, typically with a button press, that end device will then reset itself and be ready to pair to a new controller.

So the new hub can issue the general exclusion, this was intentionally designed to address the issue of missing or failed controllers. :sunglasses:

You’ll need to check the user manual for the specific sensor model that you have to see what you need to do with the device to accept the exclusion.

Thank you! That makes sense. I’ll go from there.

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