Deleted all z-wave objects, excluded them, reset, now can't add anything back

I have a gen 3 Smartthings Hub. Almost all of my devices are zigbee or wireless and I have ZERO issues with over 50 of these devices. The very few Z-wave devices are an absolute disaster. I have a mix of battery sensors (mainly aeotek temp and contact) and some Zooz switches. I added some temp sensors last week when all the problems started. As I have always had issues with Z-wave, I thought I would reset it all. I removed all devices in Smartthings. Some had to be force deleted. I went through and successfully excluded every device (only 8). I was going to start by adding the range extenders, then switches, then battery devices. However, now I can’t add anything. Nothing can be discovered. What the hell have I done?

I would say you either need to exclude them again or you are not getting them into pairing mode.

I would start by look for the manuals for each device on the Internet if you don’t have the paper copies and look up the exclusion and pairing instructions.

When you said - reset it all… did that include resetting the hub? First impression…
You removed/excluded devices and then reset the hub?? If you reset the hub… login to the Advanced Web Appp to ensure the z-wave radio is functional. If not, reset the hub again and see if that restores z-wave. There have been a few users resetting their hubs and z-wave did not function and the follow up reset restored it.


All, I have no clue why, but it just started working. I was in the hub interface and zWave was up and functional. I finally gave up trying to add hardwired devices and attempted to add the temp sensor. Added immediately. And then everything else did.

I had reset the hub several times, but I did find something saying you need ti unplug the hub for a full 6 minutes for this. Go figure. Totally clueless. I bought the zWave stick thing hoping this will help me in the future.