How to reset Monoprice motion sensor in the absence of the original ST hub it was connected to?

My old ST hub is dead and I now have the SmartThings Wifi Hub. I am trying to move my Monoprice motion sensors to the new hub. OBVIOUSLY, I cannot exclude the sensors from the old hub first, because it is dead.

I have tried many permutations and combinations of single tap, double tap, with cover closed/open, with tamper switch held down, etc. etc. Nothing is putting my sensors in inclusion mode.

Any thoughts? I have three of these sensors and they were working great until the day the old ST hub died.

On a side note, I have a lot of other zwave devices that I need to reconnect to the new ST Wifi Hub…not sure if there is a blanket answer…

For z-wave devices, run z-wave exclusion then try to pair them. You can run exclusion from the new hub :slight_smile:

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The blanket answer is that the Z wave alliance recognized that someone might have a damaged hub and need to be able to reset the devices without having access to that hub. Or have bought a device used and not have access to the hub it was previously paired with.

So any certified Z wave hub can issue what is called a “general exclusion” which is just a broadcast to any zwave device that can hear it telling it to reset. Whether that device was ever previously connected to that hub or not.

At that point, if you follow the manufacturers instructions for resetting the device, usually a physical tap pattern on the device itself, then it will clear its stored network information. And then it will be ready to join to a new network. :sunglasses:

Here are the instructions for excluding from the new V3 app