Help me combine the correct apps to achieve a lighting automation routine


I am not sure how to do the following scenario:

  1. I want some lights to turn on at sunset, and turn off at a specific time. I can compromise and use Smart Lighting and turn them off at sunrise, because once sunset is chosen I do not have an option for a specific time-off.

  2. Also, I want the lights to turn off when I go, which I can build that command in the routine 'Goodbye! '.
    However, if I return (I’m back) I want them to turn on only if I am within that time schedule specified in step 1.

Is that possible, if I combine a couple of apps or so? Or am I asking too much?

Thanks in advance!

There are many ways you can achieve this, I think exploring routines and modes would help create a good ST foundation. Check this for a detailed example…

Thanks for that!

That makes sense; I will have a play and see what I can achieve. I will let it run for a day or two and see how it goes…

Thanks again.

Or, you can use Rule Machine to do it, too

The Rule Machine sounds great; however I am not sure I know how to install these fancy apps. I have an IDE account and installed Big Switch and Routine Director previously from a template (that’s the only way I could make it to work at the time), but these Smartapps do not appear on my iOS device, only on my IDE account.

When I am clicking ‘AddNew SmartApp’ from template I can’t locate The Rule in the list on my left. Unless there is a different way of installing Smartapps that I am not aware of.

Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks in advance

For Rule Machine, You will need to copy the code from the GitHub page for the Rule Machine parent App, and use the From Code button when creating the new smart app in IDE. Click Save and then Publish>For Me. Then, you will repeat for the Rule child app, copy/paste after using From Code button again on a new smart app. Click Save on this one, but not publish.

Once you have them set up in your IDE, you would go into the Marketplace on your device’s app, and under SmartApps, choose My SmartApps. Choose Rule Machine from the list of your smartapps.

I managed to do something before I saw you reply; what I did was to ‘publish for me’ the Rule app only. I then created some rules and things seem to work.

I will publish the Rule machine but how do I un-publish the Rule App? Do I have to uninstall it from MyApps?

Thanks in advance

Yeah, you probably would have to remove, but I don’t think it will hurt that you did publish it, especially if it’s working now.

Last I checked @JoeC 's Simple Rule Builder did not have sunset as a trigger, but it’s a tool that every SmartThings user should be aware of. Also @bravenel has a new rule engine as well as @obycode has an actual app on the app store.

All seem like steps in the right direction for what ST should be able to do natively.

That’s my thought exactly; I might as well leave it published!

This must be the best Smartapp there is…